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From The Same Publisher As THE SECRET!
By Dr. David Che
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The Real Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction… Totally De-Mystified

Have you been looking for a true Step-By-Step law of attraction book? This guide will show you the EXACT steps to attracting what you want!

Everything you need to apply the Law of Attraction is in this book including:

  • ALL the important information the hit movie, ‘The Secret’ left out
  • Why positive thinking alone does not work. I’ll reveal the 3 other missing things you need to know!
  • Quantum physics, Einstein, and the REAL scientific explanations BEHIND the Law Of Attraction
  • Why BELIEVING is not just wishful thinking, it has everything to do with whether the Law Of Attraction will work for you OR against you!
  • How the Law Of Attraction DIFFERS from the Law Of Gravity