This book is dedicated to the individuals who have been searching for the secrets of the law of attraction to dramatically improve their lives.


The law of attraction and manifesting is talked about much these days. You’ve likely heard of the law of attraction, but what is manifesting? Manifesting is the act of bringing into physical reality what you think about. This book heavily emphasizes practicality and application over theory. Some basic theory is given in the chapters and is fully explained, but only when necessary to reinforce the practical concepts. Many books out there give you a list of additional laws to complement the law of attraction, but give no straightforward technique at the end to ‘put it all together’ for you to APPLY it to your daily life. Other books explain theory upon theory and never end up offering a practical method of manifesting. I know, because I have come across, studied and absorbed much information from many of these books. I’ve searched and searched for a book that is able to make all the relevant theory and techniques easy to understand. If there is such a book, I haven’t found it yet. I thought, “If it’s not out there, then I might as well write one.” I’ve talked to many people that say, “The law of attraction doesn’t work” and similar comments. The problem isn’t that it doesn’t work; it’s just that it has never been presented in a simplistic way where the average person can make daily practical use of it. Yes, the laws and theories pertaining to the law of attraction are somewhat complicated, but they can be greatly simplified into a workable manner for everyday use. It’s like your cell phone. The science behind the inner electronic workings of your cell phone is complicated. But you don’t need to know it to use the cell phone. Likewise, the law of attraction can be simplified so it can be applied in daily life without the need to know the deep inner workings of it.

I have incorporated the other important laws into this book so they work with the law of attraction, but I don’t directly name them except for one, which you’ll see later.

Many people think the law of attraction is something new. Actually, the law of attraction, like the law of gravity, has been around since the beginning of time. It doesn’t command the respect and attention like the law of gravity because gravity can be ‘seen’ and its effects are felt IMMEDIATELY, like jumping off a building. By contrast, the law of attraction almost always has a ‘time delay’ and isn’t so obvious. Most people can’t accept the fact that something negative, which happened to them today, is the result of a negative thought and emotion they may have had days or weeks before.

Please read this book in the order of the chapters. This is very important! Each chapter builds upon the information from the one before and if you skip around, you will get confused.

All the information I’m revealing in this book is written in an easy to read informal conversational format. It is very direct and straight to the point. I’m not holding anything back. Nothing is watered down and I won’t throw you a curve.

Even though I designed this book to be as simplistic as possible, you’ll STILL probably have to reread it a few times to fully absorb the concepts and make them second nature.

At times through the book, it will appear as if I am repeating myself over and over. I’m doing this on PURPOSE to drive home some very important points so you will fully understand the concepts.

I had a physics book in high school written by Lewis Epstein in which he said, “There’s an easy way to explain anything, the HARD part is finding it.” I believe I have achieved that with explaining the law of attraction and manifesting in this book. It is my intention that people who have read this book be able to put it to practical use immediately and start ‘attracting’ good things into their lives.
—Dr. David Che, Florida, USA

Chapter One


It All Starts With Your Beliefs

“A belief is not merely an idea that the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind.”
—Robert Bolton

I have to start the book out with beliefs because beliefs are at the DEEP core of the law of attraction and responsible for everything that we experience in our lives. The word believe and its variants are so important that I am going to underline it in the rest of this chapter. If you do not believe what I am teaching in this book, it is unlikely you would’ve purchased it much less put the information to use. Since birth, your life experiences have led you to believe certain things which you hold to be true in your mind and have literally determined your present circumstances. Everyone’s heard of the placebo effect, where someone is given what they think is a drug when it is actually just a sugar pill. The person reacts as if they were given the real drug in many cases. It’s because they believed they were given the real thing! How many times in sports have you heard star athletes and teams say, “No one thought we could win, but we believed in our ability to win.” I am a basketball fan and I’ve heard that comment too many times to mention. You see very young people become millionaires these days. Older athletes in the Olympics are winning medals when people thought they didn’t have a chance. How about former Senator Barack Obama running for president and being the first African American in U.S. history to win the presidency when many people thought it was impossible? What do these individuals all have in common? It all started with their belief that it was possible! Whether it’s presidential elections, sports, or anything for that matter, what we believe directly determines our destiny. As you can see, beliefs are immensely powerful.
For you scientific people like me who need more of a scientific explanation to support what I talked about above, here’s one. In his book “The Holographic Universe” author Michael Talbot wrote about the work of neurophysiologist Karl Pribram. Based on his work, it says that visual information entering our brain is ‘edited’ by our temporal lobes (next to our ears) before it is passed to the actual visual center of the brain. In their study, they noted that less than 50% of what we see is based on information entering our eyes from physical objects. The other 50% plus is put together out of what we EXPECT the world should look like! So, whatever image is entering our brain from the outside, our brains modify at least half of that based on our core beliefs. This, combined with the other 50%, is ultimately what we ‘SEE’ in our own reality.
I am going to return to this powerful concept about believing in the later chapter on manifesting.