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Quantum Physics And The Law Of Attraction

When we take science class in elementary school all the way through high school, the scientific information we learn is from the classical times. While there have been many great scientists throughout the ages, the most well known scientist and mathematician is Isaac Newton (1642-1726). He developed a lot of the theories and equations we use for everyday things in motion. Newton’s brilliance has stood the test of time, as his discoveries are still being taught daily in classes around the world.

As science and technology rapidly advanced into the 20th century, it was becoming apparent that Newton’s science wasn’t applicable to extremely small particles. A new branch of science was starting to evolve. That branch was called quantum physics, also called quantum mechanics or quantum theory. There is a lot of history that goes into quantum physics, but the double slit experiment is generally considered to be the most amazing. The experiment shows that the universe as we know isn’t just some static universe. The universe exists because of our personal EXPERIENCE. Here’s the double slit experiment in a nutshell.

Scientists used a machine to shoot out extremely tiny particles called electrons. Those electrons were put through a vacuum and hit a wide screen on the other side which marked their positions. Then the scientists put another screen which had a single vertical slit in the middle in between the particle launcher and the wide screen. So that way, some of the electrons would pass through the slit and hit the wide screen behind it and some of the other electrons would be blocked.

What we fully expect to see on the wide screen is a vertical column marking the area where the electrons have hit it. No real surprise there. Next, instead of a single slit screen in the middle, scientists replaced that with a screen which had double slits. Now the electrons can pass through either one of those slits to hit the wide screen behind. What we would expect to see are two vertical columns marking the area where the electrons will hit on the wide screen. Instead, what we see are SEVERAL VERTICAL LINES a small distance apart from each other appearing on the wide screen. This means that the electrons which we’ve always been taught in school to be like particles which are round shaped, are acting like waves. So the question is, why does the electron act like a wave when it passes through the double slits?

Scientists have theorized that the electron likely splits in two when it reaches the first double slit screen and actually travels through both slits at the same time. It then interferes with itself thereby causing a wave effect on the wide screen. To find out if this was really happening, a small device was placed in front of the double slit screen so scientists could see what was happening when the electron passes through it. The result they got was what makes quantum physics hard to believe. With the small device in place, scientists saw on the wide screen two vertical columns INSTEAD OF the multiple columns they saw at first. This meant that when we’re looking, the electrons behave like a particle. When we are NOT looking, they behave like a wave. A wave is a vibration or energy. The electron’s behavior was essentially different depending on if we were looking or not.

How does this all apply to the Law of Attraction? This Law of Attraction is essentially, we attract what we THINK about. Before quantum physics arrived, critics used to say that this was all wishful thinking with no scientific basis. Quantum physics has now shown that everything is a wave, and our thoughts “collapse” waves into particles of matter. Our consciousness is what creates our reality. But this is just the beginning. To learn the exact steps on how to use the Law of Attraction to change your reality, download the book today.


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