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Parallel Universes And Its Association With The Law Of Attraction

I touched upon and discussed some quantum physics in a previous post. If you recall the part on the double slit experiment, electrons behaved differently depending on if we were observing them or not. When we weren’t looking at the electrons in the experiment, they acted like waves and were in different locations all at the same time. But when we were actively looking at them, they “collapsed” and behaved like particles. Quantum physics can indeed be a strange subject for people who haven’t studied it before, and it’s normal to be in disbelief in the beginning.

Let’s go a bit deeper into quantum physics. Scientists have theorized using mathematics that the physical world we see is only a fraction of what’s actually out there. We’re used to everything being in three dimensions. Einstein said there’s actually a fourth dimension which is time. Scientists today say that there’s actually seven more dimensions in addition to our four dimensions which gives us a total of ELEVEN dimensions!

A logical question is, if there really are so many more dimensions in our reality, how come we don’t see them? The reason is all, of the extra dimensions are extremely small, so they are not visible to our senses. If we shrunk ourselves to a very, very, very tiny size, we would in theory be able to see them. The next logical question is, “What exists in these extra dimensions”. One idea called the many worlds interpretation is that there are infinite versions of us living in these alternate dimensions or parallel universes. Yes, that’s right, infinite versions of us. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s true! In this dimension you might be a teacher. In another parallel universe, you might be a firefighter. In another parallel universe, you might even be an actor.

One theory of how parallel universes is related to the Law of Attraction is that when we are trying to manifest something new to our reality, it’s not so much the new thing is new, but that it already exists in a parallel universe. All we’re trying to do is enter that parallel universe to get to that new thing. This all might sound strange and unbelievable, but that’s what science is discovering through quantum physics.

The Law of Attraction and its association to parallel universes is very intriguing, but one still needs to learn how to tap into the hidden manifesting power within all of us to access it. To learn the secrets of how to access your inner power to manifest what you want, get your copy of the book: Total Law of Attraction on Amazon or wherever books are sold!


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