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Synchronicity And How That Applies To The Law Of Attraction

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word COINCIDENCE as: a situation in which events happen at the same time in a way that is not planned or expected.

Let’s take that a much deeper. A coincidence can be thought of as an event that happens with another event. There are four types of coincidences. 1. Two events can happen at the same time, same place 2. Two events can happen at the same time, but different place  3. Two events can happen at the same place, but different time. 4. Two events can happen at a different time and different place, but is related to the first event in some certain way.

It can be said that the words COINCIDENCE and SYNCHRONICITY mean essentially the same thing. We have words that seem to mean the same, but have a distinct difference. People normally associate the words accuracy and precision as being the same, but they’re not. Accuracy is how close to the target you really are. Precision is how reproducible your efforts are. You can be really precise without being accurate. Another example are the words speed and velocity. Speed only tells you how fast you’re going. Velocity tells you how fast you’re going and the direction as well.

When the Law of Attraction is in action, there is a distinct difference between coincidence and synchronicity. To me, a coincidence is when two events occur and it appears to be completely random. There seems to be no explanation at all of why these two events occurred together. A synchronicity is when you’ve set your intention to manifest something into your reality using the Law of Attraction, and a lot of different events occur in your favor which are moving you towards your desire. In essence, coincidence are synchronicities, but most people are unaware of the Law of Attraction so they are unaware of what is actually happening, so we call them coincidences.

When people are in tune with the Law of Attraction and know how to set their intentions to manifesting what they want, then all those coincidences are synchronicities. They have an active awareness of the events happening to them on a daily basis and know the universe is creating the circumstances helping them towards their desire.

If you’re interested in learning how to set your intention to the universe so it can create the synchronicities to bringing you what YOU want, get your copy of the book: Total Law of Attraction on Amazon or wherever books are sold!


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