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Is There Any Real Science Behind The Law Of Attraction?

Every day, I see questions online such as ‘Do you believe in the Law Of Attraction?’ Is it real? Does it really work? Is there any scientific basis to it?

There are many people who are quick to say it’s a ‘scam’ and label it rubbish, pseudoscience, a sham religion, wishful thinking, etc..

Let’s put this issue to rest. The Law of Attraction exists and is REAL. It has been around since the beginning of time, just like gravity. Everyone believes in gravity and no one questions it because gravity’s effects are immediate.

People have a harder time accepting the Law of Attraction because unlike gravity, there’s always a TIME DELAY associated with it. Our thoughts and emotions are invisible waves of energy, similar to radio waves. These invisible waves of energy take time to manifest into actual physical reality we can see with our eyes. When people think and feel a negative thought today and something bad happens to them days later, they don’t associate the thought as having caused the effect.

Einstein’s world famous E=MC2 proved that mass and energy are the same, just in different form. That equation also proves that our thoughts, which are energy waves, can also transform into physical matter. Modern quantum physics has stated that all the subatomic particles which make up matter starts out as a wave of probability. The more we place our awareness on it, eventually it becomes part of our physical reality

Here’s the bottom line. If someone doesn’t ‘believe’ in the Law of Attraction, they will live their life by DEFAULT. Meaning, they will live their life by going along with the flow of good or bad circumstances. If someone does believe in the Law of Attraction and learns how to use their thoughts to intentionally create positive circumstances for themselves, then that person will live their life by DESIGN.

The Secret was a well made movie. However, the Law of Attraction is more complicated than what the movie teaches. There is much more to the whole manifesting process. The movie didn’t seem to have made that clear. When people who tried to follow what the movie taught and it didn’t work for them, they started to have doubts and began to think it isn’t real. The critics who were skeptical from the beginning were quick to say it’s not real and is a scam or pseudoscience.

The Law of Attraction is real but people need to study much more into it besides just watching THE SECRET. Is it no surprise that almost every teacher featured in THE SECRET has their own specialized course on the Law Of Attraction?

There is a step by step scientific process to making the law of attraction work. The problem is most people NEVER learn the whole process. Most books on the market seem to give bits of info here and there. Some give too much information, not enough or, are so hard to understand that people are never able to apply any of the information they learn.

In 2013, from the same publisher of THE SECRET, the book Total Law of Attraction was released to give readers the vital information missing in THE SECRET and other popular books on the subject.


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