Lose Weight with The Law of Attraction

Lose weight and be healthy with the Law of Attraction

During the course of my speaking presentations regarding the Law of Attraction, people have approached me and asked whether the Law of Attraction can be used to help them lose weight. Being that the Law of Attraction is at the core of what we bring into our reality, losing weight is surely possible. As I have stated numerous times before, and I will say it again and again, the Law of Attraction is very powerful, but not the single magic law that can solve every problem on its own.

There are more weight loss books and supplements on the market than perhaps any other single subject. The books all have their different viewpoints on what works for weight loss. The Atkins diet stresses a person eat no carbohydrates and that one should eat a diet of strictly protein and fat. Then there’s the Pritikin diet which instead supports a very low-fat, high-carbohydrate eating plan. The focus is to eat vegetables, fruits, and high-fiber grains. There are also a myriad of supplements to curb the appetite, burn fat, etc..

Let’s take all the hype and confusion away. Losing weight successfully is basically a combination of eating less and exercise. So where does the Law of Attraction come into play? The first step into losing weight is that you have to truly in your mind WANT to lose weight. It must be from the heart. I’ve seen many people say they want to lose weight so they start to eat less front of their friends, but still eat a lot when no one is watching. They appear to eat less while still not losing weight. It seems like the weight loss is out of their control. So they don’t claim responsibility for their weight loss.

One of the keys to success with anything is to first always take 100% responsibility for your actions. When trying to lose weight, don’t fool yourself by making it seem like you’re eating less in front of people you know, although still eating a lot behind closed doors. If you want to truly lose weight, you have to want to do it from your heart. You have to see yourself thinner and healthier. You shouldn’t have to cut out carbohydrates or proteins. You should eat a balanced diet of everything, but in MODERATION. Food is the source of mass in our body, and we only build as much mass as we take in. The less we take in, we will lose weight regardless. It’s that simple.

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes determination, motivation, and hard work. Besides eating in moderation and controlling one’s appetite, plenty of exercise is also required to help turn the excess fat in the body into lean muscle. There are many different exercise systems available out there to help with this. If one is truly determined to lose weight, it will not only benefit the body health wise, but also prepare one’s mind to successfully use the Law of Attraction for other endeavors.



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