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The Law Of Attraction And Money

With the Law of Attraction being so popular these days, perhaps the most common question people have when reading books or attending seminars on the subject is, “How can I attract more money using the Law of Attraction?”

Everyone has heard of the old saying, “Money isn’t everything.” The truth is, everything is money! Money is an absolute essential part of our lives. Most people aren’t aware that money is actually just another form of energy. In our daily lives, energy is constantly being transformed from one form to another all the time. Money as a form a energy is also constantly being transferred. When you spend money to buy something, you’re “transferring” energy to another person or business. When everyone is spending money, the money or energy keeps moving around and we can say the economy is good. When very few people are spending money, there isn’t much money/energy in motion and we can say that the economy is bad.

So back to the original question, “How can I attract more money using the Law of Attraction?” If you look at money as a form or energy, you can think of it as, “How can I get businesses or people to transfer their energy to me?” Like anything else in life, we can’t get something for nothing. There has to be energy expended through labor. The 2 words to keep in mind are SERVICES and VALUE. In order to get money or energy transferred to you, always remember this, “What services am I providing someone and how valuable are the services?” When you provide a service in demand (the key is in demand), money will come your way. The more valuable your services are, the more money you will make. For example, a person detailing a car and a surgeon performing a heart operation are both attracting money, but the heart operation has much more “value” so the difference is greater by many times.

In a previous article, I had said that we live in a large sea of energy. Movement in the sea of energy causes a “ripple” effect so whatever we do eventually comes back to us, although it might be from a different source. By giving money away, we also can expect to receive money. This doesn’t mean we give away all our money and expect something big in return. That’s not acting responsibly. It means we give what we can afford when it’s convenient for us to a good and just cause. It must feel natural and not forced or out of desperation.

When specifically dealing with the Law of Attraction, in addition to offering services to attract money, you also need to activate your subconscious mind. This will greatly help along with the attraction process. The bestselling book THE SECRET gave a good introduction to the Law of Attraction, but still left out some critical key points. In 2013, from the same publisher of THE SECRET, the book Total Law of Attraction was released to give readers the vital information missing in THE SECRET and other popular books on the subject.


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