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What is the Law of Attraction?

In 2006, the movie THE SECRET was released and sparked a worldwide phenomenon. Shortly after the movie was released, a bestselling book was published based on the movie. THE SECRET sparked interest in a “new” concept called the Law of Attraction. In a nutshell, (although far from complete) the Law of Attraction states that we attract things into our lives based on our thoughts. While many people think that the Law of Attraction was something new that started with THE SECRET in 2006, the concept has long been written about for at least the last 100 years.

For people who may have heard of the concept before, it’s been assumed that THE SECRET was based off the famous book ‘Think And Grown Rich’ written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. That is incorrect. Here’s a brief history of how we got to THE SECRET. In 1910, Wallace Wattles published his book, The Science of Getting Rich. The book went into how our thoughts create our reality. THE SECRET was actually based off of this book. In 1912, Charles Haanel released a self study course called The Master Key System. The Master Key System sold over 200,000 copies and for some unknown reason, disappeared. The book was banned by the Roman Catholic Church in 1933 and was hidden away for more than 60 years.

Legend has it that while at Harvard, Bill Gates discovered and read The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. As the story goes, it was this book that inspired Bill Gates to drop out and start Microsoft. It’s also been said that Napoleon Hill used The Master Key System to become rich 18 years before writing his own well known book, Think and Grow Rich! None of these famous books ever directly mentions the term Law of Attraction, even though that’s what was being taught all along. It wasn’t until 2006 that the movie THE SECRET was released which caused the whole Law of Attraction concept to explode with popularity. The term “Law of Attraction” became a household word. Having big name celebrities such as Oprah and Larry King endorse the movie/book gave it a lot of publicity. Many similar books were released after THE SECRET in an effort to capitalize on THE SECRET’s sales success.

Despite all this, there were many readers who tried using THE SECRET to attract what they want and were unsuccessful.  This was due to the fact that THE SECRET was more of an introduction, rather than a detailed book on the nuts and bolts of the Law of Attraction. In 2013, from the same publisher of THE SECRET, the book Total Law of Attraction was released to give readers the vital information missing in THE SECRET and other popular books on the subject.


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